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Three men were riding a boat. They were enjoying the ride in the clam and quite river. Suddenly the boat turned and capsized. The men fell in the river and then swam to the shore. While the hairs of two of them were wet, the third man hairs were not wet. Why?

Because he was bald!! So goes the joke. I am sure everyone has heard similar jokes. But do we really know how does it feel to be bald? How does it feel when most of the people around you have beautiful flowing hairs while your scalp shines under the hot rays of sun?

It is really painful. A man can still carry on but a lady? It will appear as if the world has ended. It is very tough. Then, what is the next step?

Unlike weaves, fusion, beach shore, and many other popular methods and oils, a lace wig is the perfect answer. Though it is not an affordable option. A custom made, high-quality lace wig would cost much. If it is made of 100% bubbled Indian hair, then the price range will increase further. One can find cheap products but the quality of hairs in such product is not good, rather it is sub standard. These hair wigs may range high, but these can still be an economical option in the long run. This may save you from paying BIG bucks during your visit to hair salons periodically.

Here's the solution
lace wigs can be found with a large variety of colors and textures. Depending on your preference, you can find wavy, straight, curly or body wave. The wigs come with varied lengths from crew like short to lengthy ones that are easily manageable too. Generally people, who buy these wigs, get them customized as per your preferences like dimension, color, etc. It takes between 5 to 6 weeks to get your perfect wig. For people in hurry, the retailers do have non custom wigs of different lengths and density. Though it is advisable to get a wig made based on your head's dimension. You are going to use this costly product for a long time as the hairs lost are not going to come back.

Hairs and ladies, when they decide to leave, the do not come back. While you are making alternate arrangement for your hairs, it is preferable to wait and get the best for your shinning head. When you are spending dollars on a hair wig, why not to ask for a perfect fitted wig afterall you deserve it. Customs unit lace wig, customized to your matching dimensions allows you to select your colour preference, length, highlights, texture, lace type, density, and more.

Style statement but please beware too!
So if you are looking only for a hair make over and to add some style statement, or if you suffer from hair loss due to any reason like alopecia and need a solution to replace the hair, consider having a lace wig. If you are living in a small city or town then you may find it difficult to find a dealer. Even if these hair wigs are popular, they are still quite exceptional because of its high-end price tag. But don't loose heart for you will come across several online shops which now sell a considerable range on internet. Do be selective and use your best judgement to select the best product. What more, be careful and beware from getting ditched by online scammers. Do verify the details before you decide to part with your hard earned money.

Alopecia is more common among men than to women. If a person is found to have suffering from cancer like disease and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment, he is most likely to lose hair and may result in baldness. This may be small to partial to total baldness. But nothing to worry, there's solution for everything!